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12:30 -2:15 pm Networking Luncheon Keynote by Dr. Randy L. Rowland The Thrill of Getting 68,000 Fans Lathered-up to Make Our Stadium the Loudest and Most Difficult Place for Our Opponents to Play in the NFL . . . Oh, and the Agony of Making a Verbal Mistake in Front of a Mob You might know Randy as that voice at Century Link Field who says, “AND THAT IS GOOD FOR ANOTHER . . . SEAHAWKS . . . ” followed by 68,000 crazy fans who make a hand signal and finish his sentence by yelling, “FIRST DOWN!” Randy, the Voice of the Seahawks at “the Link,” is a Northwest native. For many years he has worked in the fields of broadcasting and media production. He is the author of two books and has written articles and columns in numerous journals and publications. Randy, his wife of 31 years, Nancy and their two grown kids Rachel and Andy, live in and around the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. In his “day job,” Randy is a minister in a local Seattle area church, a consultant in new church start-ups, and also a Graduate School and College professor. In his spare time Randy loves reading, golfing, scuba diving, boating, and communicating as effectively as possible with others. And of course his favorite phrase will always be, “Go Seahawks!” 3D Maintenance Planning (Because Reserve Studies are NOT Maintenance Plans) Presented by Ken Harer, RS, CCAL, Condominium Law Group, Brad Kelln, McBride Construction and John Leonard, Reserve Consultants, Ltd. Once a component in the building envelope fails, many contractors and consultants recommend replacing the entire component. By creating a maintenance and inspection program that performs spot repairs, associations save money. Class involves discussion of preventative maintenance programs suitable for any association. 3:30 pm Exhibitor Drawings and Scavenger Hunt Winners Announced Reception Sponsored by J2 Building Consultants, PRIME & Ruff Construction WSCAI “Suitcasing” Policy CAI has a no-tolerance policy regarding “suitcasing,” which describes the practice of non-exhibiting companies or individuals soliciting sales or sales leads, and/or representing their services or soliciting seminar participants for conflicting social activities. Non-exhibiting business partners participating in the seminar as attendees or speakers are prohibited from soliciting business in or after sessions, or in the seminar location. Violators of these policies will be ejected from CA Day if applicable, and charged $1,000, which must be paid prior to registering as an attendee, exhibitor, or sponsor at any future CAI events. 2:15 -3:30 pm Concurrent Sessions: 3A CC&R and Rules Enforcement: War Stories from the Trenches Presented Rachel Garrett, CMCA © , AMS™, PCAM ® , Issaquah Highlands and Dan Zimberoff, Barker Martin, P.S. A veteran association attorney and a PCAM-qualified association manager share over two decades of combined experience in CC&R enforcement pitched against some of the most adversarial, contentious and irrational homeowners imaginable. Learn from these seasoned professionals as they draw from real-life experiences to explain best practices leading to successful rule adoption and enforcement. 3B Awakening Leadership: Attracting Leaders in Your Community Presented by Craig Huntington, Alliance Association Bank Reminders In today’s busy mobile world it is difficult to get fresh leadership in our HOAs. It is important that the board become inclusive and do all they can to foster new leadership and fight apathy. This seminar talks about ways to turn those apathetic homeowners into tomorrow’s leaders of the Association. This very interactive seminar has many examples of how to do this and challenges the audience to take the ideas home. 3C Principles for Prudent Investment of Association Reserve Funds Presented by Glenn Gregory, Obsidian Investment Advisers, LLC 800 Convention Place • Seattle, WA 98101-2350 Tel: 206.694.5000 Driving Directions Conveniently located in downtown Seattle with main entrance at 8th Avenue and Pike Street Go to and click on “About Us” and then click on “Directions, Parking & Maps” A key responsibility of an association board is oversight of the reserve funds. Yet many boards lack the financial expertise to manage reserves or develop an investment plan. This session explores the principles of board governance, fiduciary duty, state regulations, and financial analysis necessary to link the reserve study to an investment plan. Managers CA Day attendance qualifies for continuing education credits for AMS ® and PCAM ® designations

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